Sunday, January 15, 2012

In My Mailbox (2)

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren where we talk about what new books we got this week.  Now, I don't usually do this meme because I don't receive many--if any--books most weeks. However, since today is my birthday, I received quite a bit of books.

In my mailbox this week, we have:

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Supernaturally by Kiersten White

And finally, from the lovely Gwen:

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Very excited! I've heard awesome things about all of these. Plus, it's just really exciting to have books, period.  I already have a copy of Jellicoe Road, so I may be putting this one up for a giveaway. We shall see.

What do you have in your mailbox this week? Feel free to link to your posts in the comments.


Gwen Cole

I want to read Jellicoe Road! >_< It's on my wish list! But I've been going through my to-read shelf so I haven't bought any books in about 2 months. (besides TFIOS). But I only have about two books left before I can by more >:D


Well, if you win the giveaway which I am about 90% sure I will hold, you shall have it. And considering I have 36 followers at the moment, your chances are pretty good.

>:D What books are you thinking of buying?

Gwen Cole

Whoo >:D

A Million Stars, A Monster Calls, Touch, Chain Reaction, Tempest, Ship Breaker, and Perks of Being a Wallflower. :D


:D As long as I can afford shipping, the giveaway(s) should be a go.

AHHH A MILLION SUNS A MONSTER CALLS TOUCH AND TEMPEST. I want those so badly. Especially A Monster Calls, because I have heard SO SO many good things about it.

Gwen Cole

YES. I haven't ANY bad reviews for it. D: I WANT. And Touch. That one also has amazing reviews.


And everyone says it made them sob. As painful as it will be, I love books that make me sob because they have to be pretty freaking amazing to accomplish that.

Oui! Plus, the guy on the cover is . . . rather attractive.

Gwen Cole

Yes to both of those things. :D haha


If only I had millions of dollars and could buy every book I ever wanted.

Gwen Cole

0.0 ah. The closest thing I get are amazon gift cards for my birthday. WHICH, is coming up next month. Whoooo.


I can always depend on my grandma to get me books for Chanukkah and birthdays if I ask for them--all of these books except for WB were from her. But when it's not my birthday or Chanukkah, well . . .

Gwen Cole

Dang, she got you a lot then! :D that's awesome.


Yes, my grandmother is rather awesome. :D


13 Little Blue Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope are so good!


That's what I've heard! :D Plus, MJ is awesome, so.


Oh my goodness, that is one AWESOME haul! I would love to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower/The Awakening/Supernaturally/The Iron Princess! I hope you enjoy all of those books :) Oh yes and happy birthday!


I'm excited to read them! :D A lot of these have been on my TBR list for ages and I've heard really great things about them. I just wish for the next few weeks I could do nothing but stay at home and read.

Thank you! :)

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