About Me

There isn't really much to say that isn't said in my bio, but I'll try and elaborate a little, just in case any of you are curious.

My name is Lexie.
I realize this is rather shocking, what with my google account name and all.  Technically my name is Alexandra, but I dislike being called that.  Lexie is me.

I am a writer.
Again, this is said in the bio.  But I can elaborate a little bit. I've only been seriously writing since I was eleven, though I wrote a bit before that. I have completed two novels: Don't Need Anyone, a rom-com/mystery finished at 56k and Fading Broken Dreams, a surreal fantasy complete at 79k.  You can read Fading Broken Dreams on inkpop here.  I am currently working on a new project, Dream Eyes, which can be read on inkpop here.

I am a reader.
I . . . think that's kind of assumed what with this being a book blog and all, but since that's a big part of who I am, I thought it should be mentioned. I am a huge reader. I live and breathe books. Me in a bookstore is like a crazed monkey on crack.  I want to work at Barnes & Nobles when I turn sixteen.  I can read very fast when I like a book and have the time, but if it's a slow book and/or I'm really busy, I might take a while. Please be patient.

I like friends.
I like to know my followers! And I like to make new friends, or better friends. So don't hesitate to e-mail me (my e-mail is, although I think that's already on here somewhere) or, if you don't feel comfortable with that, comment on a post. I'll always reply.

Here are other places you can find me/other blogs of mine:!/LexieB2