Monday, February 27, 2012

Cover Reveal: Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas

Publisher: Entangled Publishiing
Release Date: September 11, 2012
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My name is Beatrice. When I was born, I was blessed with the Sight. I was immediately removed from my parents and enrolled in the Institution. At the age of twelve, I had my first true vision, earning my raven’s wings.

And when I turned seventeen, one of my visions came true. Things haven’t been the same since.

The Institution depends on me to keep the City safe from our enemy, the Dreamcatchers, but I’m finding it harder to do while keeping a secret from everyone, including my best friend Gabe. It is a secret that could put us all in danger. A secret that could kill me and everyone close to me.

But the enemy has been coming to me in my dreams, and I think I’m falling in love with him. He says they’re coming. He says they’re angry. And I think I’ve already helped them win.

I'll admit, I'm not usually a fan of the first-person pitches.  They often feel too chatty, too informal, too melodramatic.  But honestly?  I kind of love this.  The first person is completely worth it just for that last line.  And just the idea itself--clairvoyance, wings, secrets, forbidden romance, and a bunch of other fantastic stuff that we'll probably not understand until we read it.  Sheer awesomeness.

Personally, I'm a big fan of this cover.  I don't love the font and placement of the author name, but the title font, the haunting image, the dark colors . . . it's definitely working for me.  I particularly love the wing sprouting from her eye. I'm assuming that's what the pitch means by "her raven wings," which makes the cover that much more awesome.

What are your thoughts?



I love the colors, she does have a pretty long neck though! >.<


That's true. >_> I just try and avoid looking at the unnatural neck placement.

Sam (Realm of Fiction)

I'm not a huge fan of first-person pitches either! For all the reasons you said. :D Regardless, I do really love the sound of this book. I love the dark colours on the cover.

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