Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bikinis and Writing Camps and Extended Hiatuses

Hello, all!

So, I've got news that is both sad and exciting: I will be on a semi-hiatus from now until August 4th.  Tomorrow, I leave for Hawaii (hence the bikinis); I'll return next Sunday, and then two days later, I'll leave for a month-long writing camp.  Now, I'm crazy excited for these.  I mean--Hawaii! Sleepaway writing camps!  I don't doubt that I'll have a shitton of fun.  However, my internet time will be extremely limited.  I will most likely have a laptop in Hawaii, and I'll have access to computers on the college campus, but I won't have anywhere near the amount of time it takes to be fully active in the blogaverse.

Now, that's not to say I will completely disappear; I will still try to have several posts a week, and I will attempt to do some commenting.  But there are no guarantees.  Some days I may not be on at all.

I don't like leaving you guys (even though I won't be ENTIRELY cut off), but it can't be helped.  I will be back in full come August 4th, but until then . . . see you whenever I can!

Much love, and have a wonderful end of June/month of July.



I wish I could go to Hawaii! All my friends are doing really cool stuff this summer, and I don't get to do anything cool!

Nonetheless, I hope you have TONS of fun!


HAWAII!! omg so lucky!! Have fun, Lexie!!


OMG Hawaii!! I am envious!! I hope you have a fabulous time. (Of course you will, it's Hawaii lol) Enjoy the writing camp too!! It sounds really great!!


Oh Hawaii! How fun! :) And what writing camp are you going to? Hope you have a great time, Lexie!


Wow, Hawaii?! You lucky cupcake! And have fun at the writing camp! I don't doubt that I'd have a lot of fun there, if I was going. :P *sigh* Everyone's getting spoilt for the summer hols except for me. :(

Hope you have a marvelous time there, Lexie! :D

Sam (Realm of Fiction)

Hawaii?! You lucky thing! I hope you enjoy your time there! Look forward to having you back in August. ;)


Writing camp. Sigh. If only I could go with you.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library)

Have a wonderful time, Lexie! And come back soon so you can tell us less lucky ones all about it. :)

Traci @ The Reading Geek

Have a great time in Hawaii and at writing camp Lexie! I'm totally jealous of Hawaii. :)


Okay. I am TOTALLY jealous of you. Writing camp and Hawaii? Let me strangle you now. (Just kidding, but I am SUPER jealous. If only we had month-long writing camps.)

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